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The Ins and Outs of Insulated Truck and Van Bodies

Some of our great products that can be extremely useful are our insulated truck bodies and van bodies for sale.

What Are Insulated Truck and Van Bodies?

These insulated service vehicles are made to reduce the temperature transference in your truck or van. When a truck is running, heat flows through the body. The warmer air transfers to the roof and the cooler air falls to the ground. To prevent this transference of heat, insulated trucks restrict the temperature movement. This means that the temperature of your truck body is much better at keeping a consistent temperature to avoid damaged goods.

For many businesses this is an essential need in their utility trucks. With insulated truck toppers products can be delivered longer distances than with non-insulated truck bodies.

Insulated Truck & Van Bodies in Edmonton, AB
Insulated Truck & Van Bodies in Edmonton, AB

Benefits of Insulated Truck and Van Bodies

There are many benefits of insulated truck bodies. With the right truck body for your business needs, you can improve sales, increase efficiency, have better fuel economy, have increased functionality, and ultimately grow your business to reach your goals.

Types of Insulated Truck and Van Bodies

One of the first big decisions you’ll make about your truck or van needs will be whether you need a truck or van, and what type you’ll need. This can seem overwhelming, but with our experienced professionals at TK Truck Body, we can help you find the perfect fit for you. We have many options, from heavy duty trucks and vans to more light-weight cutaway designs. We also have the following designs for insulated truck and van bodies:

  • Box truck bodies
  • RC truck bodies
  • Flatbed truck bodies

Materials and Insulation

Two of the most important factors concerning a well-insulated truck are the materials used for the truck and the insulation used.

Types of Materials Used for Insulated Truck and Van Bodies

  • Heavy Duty – Aluminum
  • Light Weight – Aluminum
  • Light Weight – Composite
  • Light Weight – Cutaway Van Body

Types of Insulates and Their R-Value

There are many insulation types that can be used on truck bodies and van bodies. It can be hard to know exactly what you need! That’s why insulation is rated by the R-value system. Each insulation type is rated in this system, which gives a higher value for better insulation per inch of thickness.

Fiberglass (loose)


Fiberglass (batts)


High pressure foam


Polystyrene foam


Sheep’s wool


Cellulose (loose)


Stone wool (loose)


Stone wool (batts)


Cotton (batts)


Cementitious (foam)


Polyisocyanurate (foam)


Polyurethane (foam)


Polyicynene (foam)


Phenolic (foam)


Design & Customization

The best part about insulated trucks and van bodies is that they can be specifically designed to fit your needs. Whether you need to transport flowers, goods, food, or anything in-between, TK Truck Body can provide you with your perfect truck or van.

Design an Insulated Truck or Van Body for Specific Needs

We design these insulated tricks and vans with specifications that apply to your field of work. That means that the amount and kind of insulation can be perfectly fitted to your needs. Whether you need something with a higher R-value or something that is a little less insulated, our professionals can provide you with that exact product. When you come to us, we will sit down and fully listen to your needs, purpose, and budget limitations. From there we will get to work making you just the transportation vehicle you need.

Custom Options Available

You may be wondering, what options do you really have? At TK Truck Body, every aspect of your vehicle is up to you, from the paint to the insulation type. The following is a list of just some of our customization options.

  • Various interior linings
  • Foam insulation available up to 4” thick
  • Interior portable bulkheads
  • Fresh and frozen compartments
  • Various floor materials from hardwood to aluminum
  • Doors including dry and insulated roll ups and single and double opening
  • Load track options
  • Full paint and undercoating
  • Power tailgates


While these options may seem overwhelming, our team of experts can provide trustworthy advice on what kind of customizations may serve you well in your field. We have many truck bodies for sale and can help build the perfect one for you.


The great news is that TK Truck Body is with you from design all the way down the road to maintenance. We truly care about our clients and their time and convenience. That is why we provide comprehensive service from installation to maintenance. Depending on which customizations and body type you choose, installation might look a little different. But we will install the insulation in an effective and timely manner.

When it comes time for your truck to have maintenance and upkeep, our team of experts will be there promptly to help you get your truck back up and running. We understand how crucial insulated trucks and vans are to your business, which is why we get them up and running in a minimal amount of time.

Regulations & Compliance

In the world of insulated trucks and vans, there are several regulations and standards that have to be followed. At TK Truck Body, our team is comprised of certified technicians that ensure that your truck is up to regulation and that your goods are as well. You can trust us to make sure your truck or van is above standard and up to regulation so that your business can continue to run smoothly and excel.

To ensure that you continue to keep up with regulations and standards after you purchase, there are several safety considerations to put into action.

  • Keep up with the recommended inspection schedule.
  • Do a safety inspection before you start the vehicle each day.
  • Take note of truck performance.
  • Pre-cool your insulated truck.
  • Conduct regular deep cleaning.

Why Choose TK Truck Body?

With expert technicians and many utility truck bodies for sale, TK Truck Body is the choice for you in Edmonton, Alberta. When you choose TK Truck Body, you’re choosing a team of professionals who care about your business goals and needs. We provide custom options for your convenience and can help advise you as to what truck and van bodies can best serve you.

For more information about our services, visit our website. For truck bodies for sale, truck maintenance, design, and advice from expert technicians consider TK Truck Body.

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