Polar Crane Lift in Edmonton, AB

Introduction to Nuclear Polar Crane Lifts

Polar cranes are large-scale lifting mechanisms that are specifically designed to be used in nuclear power plants to handle nuclear materials. Polar cranes can be used for fuel assembly, reactor head removal, and part replacement in a nuclear power plant. They can also be used for refuelling and outage processes. At TK Truck Body, we specialize in a complete line of products, equipment, and services for commercial and industrial customers who need heavy lifting equipment, transportation solutions, and efficiency and productivity solutions. We offer polar crane lifts in the Edmonton, AB, area for industries that need solutions for multipurpose lifting needs. Call us today to speak to one of our experts about how our polar cranes can meet your specific needs.

Types of Polar Crane Lifts

All our polar cranes are designed and fabricated specifically to meet the stringent requirements for nuclear plant applications and the regulations of the industry. We can determine if you need a crane permanently installed in your facility or a semi-permanent or moveable crane. We offer the following types of nuclear-optimized cranes and related equipment:

  • Nuclear telescopic outage jib crane
  • SIngle-failure-proof crane
  • Outage jib crane
  • Automated and computerized cranes
  • Top running, underhung, and gantry cranes
  • Remotely operated cranes
  • Hoists
  • Special material handling equipment
  • Re-racking equipment
Types of Polar cranes lift in Edmonton, AB
Polar crane lift services in Edmonton, AB

Applications for Cranes in Nuclear Power Plants

All polar crane lifts are specifically manufactured to handle nuclear and other specialized materials. They can manage a wide range of lifting and loading tasks. Polar cranes can be used for fueling, fuel assembly, reactor head removal, and reactor head replacement. Each crane consists of main and auxiliary hoists, a maintenance job crane, and a containment inspection man lift. They are designed to be able to withstand rigorous use and perform maintenance and operational duties safely. Using a polar crane means that you will not need to use any other lifting equipment in the plant.

Polar Crane Regulations for Nuclear Applications

Nuclear plants and energy-related industries must adhere to strict regulations in order to operate safely and mitigate risk. The NRC uses a document called NUREG-0612, which outlines industry-specific regulations for the use of polar cranes in nuclear applications. This document outlines regulations for handling heavy loads in areas that contain safe shutdown equipment and guidelines for areas that contain irradiated fuel in the spent fuel area. It also outlines safety regulations for containment areas, reactor buildings, and other areas of the plant. Any cranes that are used in nuclear applications must be routinely inspected, tested, and maintained. ANSI B30.2-1976 chapter 2-2 outlines these regulations. All polar crane operators must be properly trained as outlined in chapters 2-3. ASME NQA-1 also outlines quality assurance requirements including 18 criteria specific to all phases of the life cycle of a nuclear facility and its equipment.

Our Nuclear-Optimized Cranes

We carry a wide range of polar cranes and polar crane parts that are specific to nuclear and industrial use, including nuclear power plant construction and daily work. We carry nuclear cranes, nuclear overhead cranes, and nuclear gantry cranes that can support between 50-800 tons. Our cranes are designed for multipurpose usage, and they combine multiple lifting features into one efficient, compact trolley. They have a unique, multipurpose design that negates the need for additional lifting equipment to inspect, maintain, or service the containment dome.

Our Other Services

We specialize in truck and van body manufacturing and fleet service and repair. We have been serving Alberta since 1976, and we offer a wide range of services, including truck and van body repair, tailgate services, roll-up door repair, dry freight van bodies, and more. We also offer service trucks for sale and a wide selection of quality parts and accessories. Call us today to learn more about any of our services:

  • Parts and accessories
  • Physical repairs
  • Service body manufacturing
  • Truck and truck body service and repair
  • Truck and van refurbishing
  • Truck body manufacturing
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At TK Truck Body, we have decades of experience providing a vast product line of truck bodies, van bodies, custom trucks and vehicles, parts and accessories, and certified service and repair. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible, and provide you with solutions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business. When you choose our team at TK Truck Body for your polar crane needs, you’re choosing reliability and experience.

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