Chipper Trucks in Edmonton, AB

What Are Chipper Trucks?

Chipper trucks are robust, heavy-duty trucks used in the forestry, tree service, landscaping, and agricultural industries to catch wood chips from industrial wood chipper or haul sand, gravel, landscaping materials, and other heavy loads. They improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of job sites by offering stable transport and movement of complex or specialty materials. At TK Truck Body, we offer specialty solutions to complex problems, and our goal is to provide versatile, adaptive hauling options. Call us today to learn more about our chipper truck bodies in the Edmonton, AB, area.

Benefits of Chipper Trucks

Custom chipper trucks make it much easier to transport, load, and unload diverse materials. Whether you are hauling sand, gravel, bricks, landscaping materials, lawn waste, wood chips, or other small but heavy materials, a chipper truck makes the process easier and more efficient. Investing in a chipper truck offers these benefits:

  • Easier transport, loading, and unloading of materials
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Great for space constraints
  • Easy access to tools and supplies when on job sites
  • Can handle heavy wear and tear
  • Works on all terrains
Chipper Truck Unloading Rubble and Cargo for Road Construction with Sand and Gravel
Chipper Truck Unloading Rubble, Dumping Cargo of Sand and Gravel for Road Construction

Key Features and Options in Chipper Truck Bodies

When choosing a chipper truck body, you want to make sure it has certain features and options that will optimize your efficiency, productivity, and safety. We can build many different types of chipper trucks, and we offer flexible options that meet your needs and goals and offer solutions to problems. You can choose from these features and options for your chipper truck body:

  • Smooth body panels for advertising and signage
  • Steel toolboxes
  • Durable bed liners
  • Protective undercoating
  • Anti-corrosion sealant
  • Rear tailgate and ladder box
  • Tow package
  • U-bolt mounting
  • Rear-lock tailgate pin
  • Rope storage hooks
  • Trailer plugs
  • Safety wheel chocks
  • 3-point latching system
  • Cab guard
  • Folding steps with a grab handle
  • Rear mount or anti-theft toolbox
  • Ladder roller bar

Our Chipper Truck Body Services

Our chipper box trucks offer a versatile solution to a complex, messy job. While chipper trucks were initially used by the forestry service to transport wood chips, they are now used across a wide variety of industries for collecting and hauling complex loads. Our chipper dump trucks can be outfitted with toolboxes, a hoist, a self-loading arm, a side-loading conveyor belt system, safety lighting, cabinets, aerial buckets, and other parts that make it easier to collect and transport heavy debris. Because most of this debris is unwieldy, it’s easier to cut it into more manageable pieces for transport and clean-up. Our chipper trucks can be used for wood chips, organic materials, tree parts, logs, and landscaping materials, among other things. We offer 11 ft to 16 ft truck bodies with standard and optional features. Each one of our chipper truck bodies includes:

  • Rust and corrosion-resistant heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Ladder box with a lockable rear door and pole pruner shelf
  • High-grade automotive primer
  • Undercoating
  • Durable bed liner
  • White or black finish paint
  • Lights and wiring harness
Chipper Truck Loads Freshly Cut Green Tree Branches in a Suburban Neighborhood
Chipper Truck Efficiently Shreds Garden Rubbish for Easy Removal

Our Other Services

We carry an extensive line of trucks, vans, and service bodies and also sell service trucks. We offer authentic, quality parts and accessories and offer certified service and repair. Our custom service and truck bodies can streamline your business operations, and our polar cranes, crane trucks, chipper trucks, and custom landscaping trucks can make your business safer and more efficient. Call us today to learn more about any of our services:

  • Truck, van, and service bodies
  • Truck Equipment
  • Parts and accessories
  • Warranty-approved maintenance
  • Fleet service and repair
  • Dry freight trucks
  • Cutaway trucks
  • Curtain-side trucks
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Furniture and moving trucks
  • Steamer trucks
  • Tire trucks
  • Marana Slipins
  • Maranda service bodies
  • Flat decks
  • Brutus truck bodies
  • Tailgates
  • Liftgates
  • Autocrane service cranes
  • Crane trucks
  • Polar crane lifts
  • Monorail crane systems
  • Landscaping trucks
  • Cobra service cranes
  • Maxilift cranes
  • VMAC air compressors
  • Refurbishment

Why Choose TK Truck Body

At TK Truck Body, we have been providing fleet service and maintenance, parts and accessories, and truck and van bodies to Alberta since 1976. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, and our goal is to find solutions to even the most complex problems. We can help you implement state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and vehicles into your business to improve its efficiency, safety, and productivity.

  • Precision in Motion – Tailored custom chipper solutions.
  • Mobile Wood Processing – Chipper box trucks for on-the-go efficiency.
  • Elevated Reach – Chipper bucket trucks for high-altitude tree maintenance.
  • Efficient Chip Disposal – Chipper dump trucks streamline cleanup.
  • Adaptable Configurations – Chipper truck bodies meet varied needs.
  • Green Waste Revolution – Eco-friendly practices in arborist operations.
  • Real-time Chipping – Onsite wood processing for immediate results.
  • Safety Arbor – Stringent standards ensuring chipper truck operations’ safety.
  • Unique Features, Your Way – Customizable specifications for tailored solutions.

Request an Estimate for a Chipper Truck

If you’re ready to improve the efficiency and productivity of your agricultural, landscaping, or tree service business, call us today or contact us online. We can give you more information about our chipper trucks in the Edmonton, AB, area. We offer a wide range of customization options for our chipper trucks so that they can be tailored to meet your specific needs, goals, and requirements.